Scoop Neck Tee

My first garment of 2016 is complete! I finished the scoop neck tee from my Sewing with Knits Craftsy class. img_1743I LOVE it! It fits really well. I did add 2 inches to the length because I like my shirts a little longer. The neckline on this tee went together like magic! I have always struggled with necklines in the past, but this one went in perfectly.

I will definately make another one of these shirts. There are a couple of things I’ll do differently next time. I’ll put the stay tape shoulder seam stabilizer on the correct side of the seam allowance.img_1746I unknowingly put it on the side that is up against my skin and it is a little itchy.

I also had some issues with my thread tension when using my twin needle for the hems.img_1750It’s a little hard to see in this photo, but the top stitching is a little loose. Here’s what the back of the stitching looks like.img_1751I tried a bunch of different tensions on scraps and this was the best I could come up with. Any helpful tips with troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve already worn my shirt to work. It felt great knowing exactly where a piece of my clothing came from!

Blog news: My true goal for this year is to stop buying things that I don’t need, and if I need something to try to make it. And I really don’t need any more clothes right now. So I may not really be making many. I will continue to post here at least once a week about all the other things I make and whatever else seems relevant.

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Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “Scoop Neck Tee

  1. Bobbin tension looks too tight. When stitching with a double needle, the bobbin stitches should look like a ‘z’. In this photo, it appears the boobin tension is pulled too tight and that is likely resulting in the uneven appearance of the top threads.

    Shirt looks great overall. Good job!


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