The Renfrew Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee

I really love a good t-shirt. I’m super lucky that my job allows me to dress casually, which is pretty much my personal style. So I wear t-shirts every single day. I saw the Sewaholic Renfrew Long Sleeve Tee kit on sale on Craftsy at the end of last year. It came with a super versatile pattern and this luxurious grey and white striped knit.


I decided to make the long sleeve version and try out a v-neck. I’ve only ever made scoop neck tees, and I wanted to learn something new. Well I learned a LOT! I used the pattern instructions along with this online tutorial from the pattern designer for adding the neck band. I attempted it at least 4 times with the same result again and again.


The band was just a little off center from the front bodice of the top. With a scoop neck, this is not a very big deal. With a v-neck, it just looks a mess if things don’t line up just right. After numerous failed attempts to get the fabrics lined up just right, a broken needle (on a knit!), and a few hour break for me to cool-off, I decided to hand sew the point of the neck band to the front bodice, then stitch it with the machine. The result:


A perfectly placed v-neck! I really LOVE this shirt and I’ve already worn it to work and dressed it up on the weekend. This is a great pattern! I plan to make the cowl neck long sleeve in a sweatshirt fleece next.

In other news, I’ve been working hard on opening the Cast Iron Stitches Etsy shop. My initial inventory is almost completed.


This has been a much more involved process than I was anticipating when I got started. But I’m almost there! Stay tuned for more details!


One thought on “The Renfrew Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee

  1. Angie this looks incredible and so soft and comfy, who doesn’t love a vneck?! I can’t wait to see it in person. And if it disappears….I know nothing.


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