Cozy Cowl-Neck Sweatshirt

One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to buying clothes I don’t need are sweatshirts! I LOVE a cozy sweatshirt. I wear them all the time at home in the winter and I like ones that look nice enough to wear out of the house too.

I really love interesting necklines on sweatshirts, so I was really excited to see the cowl-neck option for the Renfrew Top pattern from Sewaholic. I had previously made this v-neck long-sleeve tee version of the pattern and I love the way it fits. I wanted the sweatshirt to be a little roomier since I’d be wearing a shirt underneath it and the fleece that I was using was much less stretchy than the striped knit I used for the long-sleeve tee. So I decided to cut out the sweatshirt one size larger than the long-sleeve tee. I ended up still altering the sleeve width at the forearm and wrist to make it a little more snug, but that was the only alteration I needed to make to the pattern.


I really love the way it turned out! I have worn it a ton already.


I plan to make another with an army green fleece I found recently at my favorite discount fabric store. The only change I might make on the next one is to make the sleeves a little shorter. Having a great go-to pattern for a sweatshirt like this is going to make it much easier to get through winter without purchasing one to satisfy my cravings!



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