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First Atlanta Makers Meeting

My friends and I have been getting together for a Christmas crafting night each year. Every year we have a blast and wish it happened more often.

Well this year, it’s happening! We had our first Atlanta Makers Meeting last week and it was a huge success. We organized an email list of ladies who are interested in participating. All of the participants are encouraged to either host or teach a craft or both at some point. That way everything is not all on one person. We’re trying to have a Meeting every other month.

This month Shelley took the lead and hosted. She taught us how to do String Art. She emailed us ahead of time what supplies we needed and what to prep ahead of time.

We had the most beautiful day!

A couple of us brought tables and everyone brought their own chair, project supplies, and a snack to share. Shelley was a great teacher and host and everyone’s projects ended up looking so great! We all did our own thing, so they are each unique.




I’m so excited for this group to continue to create together!


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